Mountainworks Custom Homes

Right Tool for the Job

Financial advisors are ready to help you complete more than just the task at hand.

Growing Up

The Boys & Girls Club of the Plateau expands youth development

Remember Me

Cashiers Crossroads in 1932

Handbuilding Highlands’ Future

Kaye McHan is piecing together a plan for uncertain times


The Bascom showcases work from local artists in member exhibition

Immortalizing Ideas

When Wesley Wofford empties his mind, he leaves a lasting statement

Dahlia Daze

The bright blessings of Miss Betty McCall

A Community of Residents and Visitors

How Old Edwards Inn’s General Manager Inspires a Sense of Togetherness

Work in Progress

Getting a second chance at life

Mountainworks Custom Homes

2020 Vision

As one of the founders of Vision Cashiers, Paul Robshaw brings to the scene a wellspring of entrepreneurial spirit

Carving Dreams Out of Clay

Passion is shaped into a business at the potter’s wheel

Stronger Together

Caring connects us, even when we are apart

A House That Builds We

Part two of Plateau Magazine’s three-part series braids the past and future of the 2020 Designer Showhouse

Picking the Right College

Picking the right college is potentially one of the biggest financial decisions in life

The Sisterhood

Killer Bees Honey thrives on the plateau

Celebrating Strong Moms

Eight years of training elite female athletes proves what research shows – exercise benefits pregnant mothers 

You Are What You Drink

A vintner’s take on organically grown wine - Robert & Maria Sinskey of Robert Sinskey Vineyards

Decades of Details

Rosemary Stiefel paints the threads that weave nature, textiles, and the human spirit

Blending Art with Community

How a lifelong love for the visual arts is leading Highlands’ The Bascom: A Center for the Visual Arts—and its community—forward

Preservation Versus Progress

The future looks bright for Highlands, as discussed with the town’s Mayor Patrick Taylor

The Colorful Chickens of the Carolinas

Welcome to the whimsical world of Tim and Karen Chambers

Mountainworks Custom Homes