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Getting HOME

A family legacy of design, storytelling and placemaking

Celebration Central

A place to gather in Mountaintop


Gather nature and tradition with these memory jars

Restoration to Transformation

Two ways to reimagine home

Family First

A Greenville home with a strong foundation

High Design

Reaching new heights with MHK Architecture & Planning

Rising From the Ashes

Saving a historic Highlands home

Milking It

Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on milkweed, as it is the only plant a monarch caterpillar will eat.

Naturally Modern

Embracing the great outdoors at Silver Run Reserve 

Yellow Mtn-McKee Properties
Mckee Properties-Silver Run
Mountainworks Custom Homes

Autumnal Aspirations

Create alluring spaces to enjoy all the season offers


Q & A with designers from this year’s Cashiers Historical Society’s Designer Showhouse

Dahlia Daze

The bright blessings of Miss Betty McCall

Valley Views

A cozy home for two in Lonesome Valley

Run Free

The final installment of our three-part series invites your inner child to play at this year's CHS Designer Showhouse

Plant For Victory

Historical gardens of the past remind us of a promising future

Heaven on Earth

Building a Retirement Retreat with Chinquapin Builders

A Love for the Mountains

Inspiring memories – and tourism revenue – with luxury lakefront property rentals

Lush Landscapes

Outdoor living designs that highlight the luxury nature has to offer

Tuckasegee’s Fairytale

Castle Ladyhawke's new owners aim to give the plateau the royal treatment

A House That Builds We

Part two of Plateau Magazine’s three-part series braids the past and future of the 2020 Designer Showhouse

Dishing the Dirt

The right botanical brew will get your garden off to a healthy start

Mckee Properties-Silver Run
Yellow Mtn-McKee Properties
Mountainworks Custom Homes