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Put the stress down

Releasing Tension

Ashby Underwood and Chad Garner of Yoga Highlands are on a mission to teach people on the plateau how to heal from chronic pain.

The Gift of a Living Will

Where there's a Will, there's a way - which Will, though?

Mountain Spa Paradise

Taking relaxation to the next plateau


Mental health in the stresses of current times

Plant for The Plateau

Planting seeds of love against food insecurity

Yoga for Everyone

Y.our O.utstanding G.rowth A.waits

The Sisterhood

Killer Bees Honey thrives on the plateau

Preserving Beauty

The Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust’s public hiking destinations 

Mountainworks Custom Homes

Empathy in Awareness

The complexity and nuances of Autism make knowledge all the more critical

Honor Thine Heart

When it comes to cardiovascular health, prevention is the ultimate form of self-love

Rock Climbing’s Slicker Sibling

The thrill of ice climbing is for the cold at heart

Mountainworks Custom Homes